The most advanced automatic repricer for eBay

"Contact us now to discuss how PriceYak can take your eBay business to the next level." I understand why so many businesses put up friction and require potential clients to call them but reading this after finding interest in the value prop, is disappointing and makes it look like vaporware. Has anyone used this?
@rrhoover hmmm some of the client examples such as OnlinewithFred are no longer active and community questions seem to highlight the service is no longer active... maybe ProductHunt needs a flag for platforms no longer active?
@davidiwanow @rrhoover We are very much active. In fact we just released a brand new version of PriceYak that is more powerful than ever (PriceYak Next).
@rrhoover: it's a good filter. Businesses for whom calling us is too big a barrier probably aren't a good fit for our service right now. We may decide to create a self-service version in the future.