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Thanks for the hunt @nikgraf! I am glad to finally reveal our last project called Pricepeek! As you probably know products in Amazon often have different prices across the different markets. Sometimes you can find the same product for half the price in another locale (e.g. .ca, .de , etc.)! In free markets like EU this could mean huge savings since you don’t have to pay VAT or other import taxes on top of the original price. However sometimes the price difference is so huge that it’s cheaper to shop from non-free market location on the opposite side of the world. Here comes Pricepeek! Pricepeek shows you the price of the same product across all Amazon locales so you don’t need to do the checkup manually. However we didn’t stopped here—we decided to also add major e-stores (like Tesco, Target etc.) to the list so you can always make the best (and cheapest) choice. So to recap: · It’s completely Free! · A quick price comparison across all Amazon locales · + other major e-stores and marketplaces (e.g. eBay) in 8 different countries · Easy to share results · No registration needed PS: Just to give you a quick look into the future of Pricepeek—here is a list of some of the planned features: · Adding your own e-shops · Adding Flipkart & Aliexpress Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on Pricepeek! ✌️+ ❤️, @dodooov & @dreamture
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@nikgraf @dodooov @dreamture Hello, is the extension working again? I am trying to find it but having no luck.
@casey_donahue Hey! Amazon has limited our data and we also have technical difficulties at the moment. Sorry for the disruption. We will try to fix things ASAP.

I've already saved 30 bucks with it 🤯


It just works!


Couldn't find any

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This app was a roller coaster, but I'm glad it's finally out in the open and I really like how it turned out. While figuring out what exactly the app would do, we tested other similar products. Many of them gave little useful information, or their links led to 404 pages or completely different items. And despite that, some of them were even paid... I like that our app is more accurate and attempts to provide useful information. I get results for smartphones and other tech, yes, but I also get results for stuff like cables, car tires, kids toys, flip-flops, tahini and what not. That's pretty cool, I think. I hope you find it useful too and please let us know if you did (((or didn't)))! ✌
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Great tool! Simple and straightforward navigation.
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@dreamture @dodooov I just tried to use it, but it looks it doesn't work with the `smile` amazon subdomain. Can you please add the `smile` subdomain support, everything else will work the same. It's just basically a cname.
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@dreamture @sirw0lfgang We'll look into that! 👍