Clean and simple remote presentations

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This looks really great! It's so nice that people without an account can join. Very useful!
@galimotion thanks! Yes, the idea is to reduce the friction introduced because of account creation.
Great stuff !! Looking forward to try my hands on Prezlr, Kudos😊
@ayush_chandra You can sign up and give it a try! We would love to get some feedback from you.
Nice idea! Just one question, is prezlr related to prezi by any chance? 😛
Great work! Love the ability to have participants display their cursors and notes.
Looks awesome! I love seeing new products that serve the huge growth of remote jobs. The chat and voice options are a great addition. Are there plans for any type of picture-in-picture video feed too? I could see that being a killer feature.
@camroncade we will hopefully be adding that soon!