Give stunning design presentations, get fast client feedback

Prevue is a design presentation and feedback tool for agencies and their clients. It’s the best way to present work in the browser, and get fast feedback.

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Hey @buzzusborne can you tell us a bit of background about Prevue 😊
Sure thing, @bentossell! Prevue was originally my own private tool for sharing freelance work with my own clients — I was sharing web design concepts with people via PDF and email, or by sending JPGs — none of which did justice to my work, or represented how designs were supposed to look in the browser. So I built Prevue — which, at it's core, presented my designs in their best light. Clients loved it, and I got sign-off quicker. The agencies I worked with at the time wanted in... so I opened it up to the world. Since then, feedback and the ability to organise and share work-in-progress has been built into the heart of Prevue. But it's all been done with freelancers and agencies in mind... projects and designs still looks great in the horrible browsers that clients use, feedback is all one-on-one (private conversations happen between designer and client), and visitors don't need any technical knowledge/on-boarding to start viewing and adding their opinion. My main goal with Prevue now is to facilitate a private conversation between designers and their clients, and help their work look as amazing as possible without much UI getting in the way. Agencies demand a unique set of tools — like performance, security, privacy and branding... so that's been the focus recently. But to see designers and agencies all over the world sharing their work, and immediately getting happy responses and sign-off from clients is the best validation :)
Cool. This is a sweet way to plus up presenting work to remote clients. You do lose the "unveiling" effect and the charisma that you get in person -- having something better than "okay, if you can look at my screen," is a good call.