Preview Hunt

πŸ”ŽPreview and prepare your Product Hunt submission

Preview Hunt is a tool that Preview and Prepare your Product Hunt submission.

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Andrey Azimov
πŸ‘‹ Hi PH, Me, @rdev and lot of other makers were very stressed when we launched products on Product Hunt because we always forgot to add some screenshot, video, texts or some other detail. But we realize this only after launch and start to change it in the real time in a πŸ˜… big stress. πŸ›  Solution We made a tool that Preview and Prepare your Product Hunt submission. You can edit and preview all content in the real-time and download it when it will be ready. So now we can prepare our launches upfront and make sure that everything is πŸ‘Œperfect. No more Inspect Element. 🎁 Features: - Live preview of a product while editing - Guided editor with tips - Thumbnail validation - Image cropping - Preview page just as it's live on Product Hunt - Validate Twitter card and Facebook debugger - Time in Product Hunt timezone - Downloadable Launch Kit. All your content organized in a convenient file (in TXT, HTML and Markdown formats), your cropped images and a thumbnail, along with some useful pre-launch materials πŸ–Ό Pages built with Preview Hunt - Tesla Roadster: - Tesla Semi: - Progress Bar OSX: πŸ™ Let me know what do you think. Could it be useful for your future launches? Disclaimer: Preview Hunt is not a part of Product Hunt and is not affiliated with it in any way. We made it because we really miss this feature in Product Hunt and hope to see it soon in next updates.
Raman Shalupau
Maker @
@andreyazimov @rdev cool souce πŸ‘Œ 🌢
Sergej LotzUX Designer
@rdev @andreyazimov cool product! Now let's hope the guys at PH offer you something to integrate this directly into their platform!
Michael Novotny
Maker of
@andreyazimov great idea to make it easier to help reduce chaos.
Justin JohnsonI've got a few things going on...
@rdev @andreyazimov this is great guys. My team is very excited about having something like this to share with others before a hunt. How does this compare to something like Ship? Does it replace it or compliment it?
JS Developer
Hi, PH πŸ™ŒπŸ» I'm the co-maker of Preview Hunt and I gotta say, this was a really exciting project to build. It's always exciting to build something that solves a problem that I myself have, and boy did I have a problem with stressful Product Hunt launches πŸ˜… When building this we wanted to create a tool that will be as smooth and easy to use as possible, while being actually helpful. So we came up with the idea of a realtime editor. But then @andreyazimov suggested the idea of "baked" pages that can be used for Twitter Card Validator or shared with your team members and I was like "holy shit, this is awesome!" So we did it πŸŽ‰ Realtime editor will guide you through each field and help prepare the right launch materials which you can then package, download and be ready to go once the timer hits midnight PST (which we also show you πŸ•) Be sure to give it a shot and check examples like this Nomad List page I shamelessly copied from @levelsio's launch. Hope you find this tool as useful as we do and you can nail that next launch πŸ™
Philip Agyeman-BuduPresident, Authentic Imaging
@andreyazimov @levelsio @rdev Awesome guys! The world will always be a better place with people that think like you do.
Alex Zhebryakov
Founder & CEO Y-Productive

I used it to check if everything is ok before we posted Y-Productive. Now it's the #1 Product of the Day ;)


Clean and no-hassle way to check if your product will look nice and shiny before posting it on ProductHunt



Sarvasv Kulpati16 y/o who makes things.

I've always wanted to submit something to PH, and finally, two days ago, I quickly put together a website with Sheet2Site (also made by @AndreyAzimov) and submitted it within 3 hours.

Unfortunately, if you want any traction, you need to post early (00:01 early), which I found out the hard way when I posted 20 hours too late at 8:00pm .

I guess I probably wouldn't have botched my first PH submission if I had this product πŸ˜…, so definite 10/10 for any first timer


Perfect tool to preview your Product Hunt submission, especially for beginners


Wasn't made earlier

Mubaris NK
Full Stack Developer
This is incredibly useful 😍 Thanks @andreyazimov and @rdev for making this πŸ™
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