Pretty Awesome Lists crawls available awesome lists (e.g. programming, work, games, etc.) , collects interesting information about each link, takes a screenshot and then makes them pretty for you to explore.

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Awesome 😍 Feedback πŸ‘‡ The emoji's are not used. Example https://www.prettyawesomelists.c... shows heading as :zap: rather than emoji ⚑so to add that just add a CSS link to Github Emoji Also, the sidebar takes too much space so a way to close it or hide it
@deadcoder0904 Thank you so much for the feedback! I will higher prioritize it on my todo list and will take a look at the solution you posted.
For some reason, I can't search by clicking the tags in the listing, even though they have an interaction like they are clickable. I can type that tag into the search box, but it would be so much better to click that tag darnit! Or if searching by tag isn't something you want users to do, maybe remove the button/tag interaction? Also, the header has alignment issues in Chrome in your >1920 media query and your ~768-1200 media queries. The "Views / Watchers / Subscribers / Last Update" section drops down into the list area in these sizes. I can send screenshots if you like! Nice work though! I noticed a few of the lists are very old/haven't been updated in quite some time (Awesome Backbone.js for example). I know I can sort by last updated, but maybe filtering by that too? =)
thanks, it's awesome
Awesome, as the name implies :)
Really awesome! Thank you :)