Presto Trip is a multi-city travel planner and travel search engine that can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your multi-city trips by picking the right dates to fly, the right order and suggesting surface transportation options.
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Really practical way to discover delightful and cheap cities pop in on during a trip. The search allows me to specify which legs of the trip I can be flexible on vs those I cannot (ex. I need to be in a certain city on a certain date for a wedding) . Also recommends flight routes I never would have considered. I'm flying from SFO to Cape Town. I assumed I'd connect in Europe. Of course that was recommended, but also suggested was São Paolo which I never would have considered.
So glad to hear that it was helpful. Thanks so much @jeng24!
Hi Hunters, If you have any questions about how and why we made it, feel free to ask @chris_han and me. 💰🛫 Find the cheapest flights: Existing multi-city flight search engines make you do the hard work of figuring out an itinerary plan and routes. By helping you find the right plan and route, we can typically reduce your trip costs by 35%, and in some cases much more. 💡🌎 Discover cheap and free stopovers with trip suggestions: For many trips, one challenge is to figure out where else you should go, and if so how much will it cost. On the map and in the search results, we show you suggestions for places you can add to your itinerary. Often times, the price for adding on a popular destination is remarkably low, sometimes, it’ll even reduce the cost of your entire trip. You can also change the area near where we show you these suggestions, so for instance if you are traveling to India and want a stopover in Europe, we’ll show you the cheapest options to do so. 🌆🌇 Discover clusters of cities which you can visit cheaply: In addition to showing you trip suggestions for individual cities, we’ll also show you clusters of cities you can add to your trip where the intra city travel costs are really low and fit in well with your trip. 📅⏰ Scheduling features: We find flights that play well with your schedule. You can tell us the range of nights that you’d like for each city’s stay duration, and we’ll find the best prices. You can also specify a fixed start and end date, add different cities, and we’ll automatically construct the cheapest itinerary for you that fits within those dates. 🚉🚤 Support for trains, ferries, buses, and more: We automatically suggest surface transportation when appropriate, since for some shorter trips it is significantly cheaper than flying. 🔧🔩 Built with: 📄React: All the UI is built in React, using a mix of JavaScript and Typescript. 🧠 Keras + Tensorflow 2: We use a machine learned model for optimizing your route, and powering our suggestion features. We used Keras + Tensorflow 2 + Keras Autotuner to build and tune these models. 🔗 OR Tools: We uses OR tools for the constraint programming engine to power our scheduling features. 🔨 Testing: We use absl-py + bazel for our server tests, and Jest + yarn for our frontend unit tests. 💼💻 Makers: 🔹 Chris Han: Former product manager in Google Research (worked on Search, Magenta, and Colab). 🔹Kartik Ayyar: Former engineer in Google Research, worked on Smart Reply. 🔹Previously, we founded Letter Feed together which was subsequently acquired by Google.
Really love the Google maps integration and the flexible search - very intuitive!
@agrawal667 Thanks so much Abhinav!
This helped me discover some low fares and possible routes that I couldn’t see with other sites. Thumbs up!
I was looking for flights for my parents , Newark > Phoenix > SFO > Newark. I was pleasantly surprised by the options and fare prices. Great product!
@saurabh_gupta6 glad we could help.