Places to get press coverage for a startup

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Thanks @tribaling for hunting Presshour. We created a resource last year which turned out to be extremely useful for 40k+ founders. Lot of folks asked us for a resource which would cover Media Outlets. So we created Presshour. What you see on homepage is pretty crude version 1.0. Ultimately, we want to turn it in to a place where you just to pick category relevant to your startup and you get a list of Media outlets you should pitch your startup to. I am sure there are several hundreds media outlets across the world which could be relevant for any startup. We have just 400 till now :) Do share your feedback on how we can improve on it.
@soundankar I think it's a really simple and winning concept. Possibly it would be useful to have contact info to the most prominent journalists and the niche they cover. But I realize that is a gigantic work, and what you have here is enough for startups to start thinking about potential venues for their PR. Good job!
@tribaling thanks Elia. Yeah we will mostly focus on adding more outlets and making it easier to use.
@soundankar @tribaling it doesn't seem to be launched yet.
@glenncameronjr it looks like it's being relaunched?
This is an awesome resource - from the makers of - for anyone that wants to look for options to get coverage for their startup.
Thanks a lot Elia. Really appreciate it.
Looks very interesting. Will definitely try it out
@ankitind Glad you liked it Ankit!
Great Resource... Can you please make a similar list for Indian Startups as well?
@pardeepg Interestingly we already have a list of 100+, so we are on it :)
What is the difference with promotehour?
@bentossell Hey Ben, thanks for asking. Promotehour is more of a list of startup directories. We thought Media outlets don't really belong to that. So we wanted to create a different source for it.