Places to get press coverage for a startup

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Jit Salunke
@jitsalunke · Making PR Affordable @ Promotehour
We are planning to improvise Presshour with version 2.0 Some of the features we planned for: 1. Filtering ability based on type of startups as well as location 2.More media outlets 3. Traffic & social shares estimates based on real life experiences If you have more suggestions, please let us know.
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@soundankar · Co-founder, Pepnest
Thanks @tribaling for hunting Presshour. We created a resource http://promotehour.com last year which turned out to be extremely useful for 40k+ founders. Lot of folks asked us for a resource which would cover Media Outlets. So we created Presshour. What you see on homepage is pretty crude version 1.0. Ultimately, we want to turn it in to a place where yo… See more
Elia Morling
@tribaling · IdeaHunt.io
This is an awesome resource - from the makers of promotehour.com - for anyone that wants to look for options to get coverage for their startup.
Ankit Maheshwari
@ankitind · Founder, Betaout
Looks very interesting. Will definitely try it out
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
What is the difference with promotehour?
Aaron Hanson
@crixlet · I help startups get press
How do you guys send the emails to journalists?