Press Hunt 2.0

A database of ~400k journalists to feature your business 🤩

Press Hunt is a categorized database of ~400k journalists, reporters, and media outlets. You can build media lists of your favorite journalists, export their contact info to CSV, then run PR campaigns to them.

Journalists are categorized by what they're interested in writing about next, so you can quickly find the ones most likely to feature you!

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⚡️⚡️ 40% OFF FOREVER DISCOUNT CODE FOR PRODUCT HUNT: `PRODUCTHUNT` ⚡️⚡️ ——— Hey guys! 👋 Press Hunt is a categorized database of almost 400k journalists, reporters, and media outlets. Finding the right journalists to pitch your business to––then finding their email address––is a nightmare. The data is spread out all over the internet, down the google rabbit hole, news sites, and twitter accounts. Research can take hundreds of hours on it’s own, not even counting the time it takes to run an effective email campaign. Over the last year we’ve run hundreds of PR campaigns for companies like Instacart and Dos Toros. Our campaigns have been featured by hundreds of media outlets like The Washington Post, The Independent, and VICE. We started out building media lists by hand, but that sucked. We built crawlers to compile the 1.0 of this data, then purged, cleaned, and enriched it all. With this update we’ve added millions of data points: new tags, phone numbers, journalist media outlet, photos, and more! Since our 1.0 almost a hundred companies (startups, photographers, PR agencies, etc.) have used Press Hunt, logging almost 80k searches. For our 2.0 we’ve completely revamped the UI, updated & enriched our dataset (with new attributes like phone numbers, social media accounts, and millions of new data points), and built out a new system for you to save journalists to media lists and export their contact info to CSV (so running email campaigns to them is now even easier). Like our 1.0, journalists are categorized by tags representing what they’re likely to write about next (based on what they’ve written about before, where they write, and what they tweet about). The dataset includes emails, phone numbers, where they write, and their industry focuses. Press Hunt plans start at $69/mo, but we’ve made a special 40% off forever lifetime discount code for early adopters on Product Hunt: ‘PRODUCTHUNT’. This code expires this week. 🙂 We’d love feedback––thanks for reading this 🙏 - Matt & Aaron
We've been working really hard on this the past 3 months. This is the most sophisticated software product we built this year, and we're really excited to share it with you!
Love the idea of this, but unfortunately I can’t sign up to trial with iOS 12 Safari on my 6S because the button is clipped off! Besides fixing that perhaps it should also show the trial button on the subscribe page?
@chrisvxd Hey Chris! Thanks for checking it out. Which page are you on where the button is clipped? Here are direct links to get you where you need to go:
@chrisvxd Just pushed a temporary fix!
A few years ago my neighbor and one of his buddies sent emails to hundreds of tech journalists in an attempt to get press for their startup. They half-jokingly released the list of emails behind a paywall on ProductHunt. I don't think they ever got any press for their startup however they did get something written about the list they were trying to sell...
@cameronrohani Thanks for commenting! While most emails are open if you look hard enough, finding the right emails/journalists for your project is tough, hence the categorization of them with tags. Lists like TC’s are helpful but if that’s all you’re pitching to you’re unlikely to get covered!
How did you collect the information of journalists etc.? Have you got permission from them?
@jake_w Journalist emails are scraped from sites where they’ve been made them publicly available with the intention of of receiving PR pitches (we haven’t privately gotten the email from them then made it public here)