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Find the best journalists to cover you with our DB of 500k 🎉

Press Hunt is a categorized database of 500,000 journalists perfect for DIY cold media outreach.

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Hey guys! 👋 Last month we launched Howler: AI-powered media outreach. So far Howler’s working really well for our users and we're excited to keep making it better and better. In doing so we’ve had to build out a comprehensive database of journalists that includes their name, email, and tags that represent what they’re interested in writing about (determined by what they’ve written about before, where they write, and what they’ve tweeted about). We have just about 500,000 journalists now. Our goal is to perfect the matching of stories to journalists, helping startups get featured faster and helping journalists get less spam. Our tagging system is great at this (and getting better), and we think it’s the right time for this database to be a standalone product. While there are a few comparable services, they’re either a. too small (10k-100k contacts), b. outdated (making most of the data useless), or c. too niche (only TechCrunch emails). In our experience with cold media outreach, we’ve found it to be a game of numbers. Assuming you’re only pitching to people interested in writing about stories similar to yours, around 1% - 2% on average will feature you. Given this, a database of 10k contacts isn’t very useful (especially when only a small number of the contacts are relevant). The best strategy is to find as many relevant journalists as possible (a few thousand), and push cold email campaigns with a compelling story (but emails must be direct, not en masse spam––like sniping). Try it free (!) here: As always, we’ll be here all day to answer questions! - Matt P.S. Our goal is to launch 2 products a month for all of 2018. This is product #5 of the year.
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@juhaszhenderson if we are a journalist (raises hand) how do we submit for inclusion in your database?
@matthewkeyslive 🎉 I will follow up with a form soon, but in the meantime could you send me an email at
@juhaszhenderson Excited to be here and hear about your feedback!
@juhaszhenderson "P.S. Our goal is to launch 2 products a month for all of 2018. This is product #5 of the year." Hell of a goal! - Good luck!
Looks cool! One question: What's stopping me from paying just a month for the $79 option and just exporting the CSV of all 500k journalists?
@arecenello We limit the amount of people you can put on the media list at one time. So you’d have to add 500, then delete, then add again. It would suck 🤷🏻‍♂️
Just subscribed...this looks dope ✊🏻
Wild miscategorization of what I write about, which means I'll get more off-topic pitches. And I get 100 a day already. Where's the "is this you" option for journalists to claim their entry and make sure it's accurate? And where is the option to be removed from the database?
@therealsjr Hey Stewart! Sure we’ll remove you. Algo’s always getting better and has room to improve. Our v2 wIll have crowdsourcIng features and the abilIiy to add or remove yourself, add more data, etc. Glad you don’t have a problem sourcing good stories—that’s not the case for everyone. 🙂
Congrats on another awesome launch that takes the “manual” out of manual labor almost every early stage founder does at one point or another 🙏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻