Presentable - 1: Catastrophizing the End of the GUI

Jeff Veen & Chris Messina discuss CUIs, VUIs, & messaging

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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! πŸ†
From the show notes: Special guest Chris Messina joins the inaugural episode of the show to discuss both the hype and beauty of conversational UIs, messaging apps, and chatbots. Will this herald the end of interface design as we know it? (Spoiler: nope.) This conversation with one of my web heroes β€” Jeff Veen β€” probably best captures the state of my thinking right now about conversational software, bots, and where UX design is going, or needs to go. Would love your thoughts and feedback!
NiMAFounder/CEA, Dappex.Capital
@chrismessina love the topic! We talked about this new paradigm from a different angle which I call #ZUI
Bhuvan thakerPartner @ t2c
After hearing the conversation in the podcast, i conclude we want to engage with humans and hence we want conversation interface. This also means we are going back to having conversation with human being as we did in 1990s.