Present 2.0

Do things with people nearby


Present helps you find things to do with people nearby. Discover parties, sports, hobbies, events, and more. Join circles of local friends and neighbors who share your interests. Chat, share photos, and do more together. Version 2.0 introduces friending and private circles making it easier than ever to connect and make plans with friends nearby.

2 Reviews
Manny Parra | Consultant
Kassia Filkins
Anthony Brichetto
  • Pros: 

    Real time ability to see what your friends are doing locally and join



    Love the ability to discover new things around me as well as what my friends are doing!

    Kassia Filkins has used this product for one year.
  • Anthony Brichetto
    Anthony Brichettoimpact investor, recovering entrepreneur

    meeting people nearby doing things i'm doing



    really loved it for SXSW and their local events they throw.

    Anthony Brichetto has used this product for one year.