Do Things with People Nearby

Present helps you find things to do with people nearby. Discover parties, sports, hobbies, events, and more. Join circles of local friends and neighbors who share your interests. Chat, share photos, and do more together.

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Great job!! 😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush!!! Invite the extraordinary women in your life to join Present! :)
I had a pleasure of working with this team early on, they are amazing and their heart is in the right place. Best of luck guys!
Hi Oleg!!! thanks for voting!!! We're in LA now! Have your sister join Present and enter to win a bitcoin :)
Just found this awesome product that supports women! And on that topic, it's time to show some love to extraordinary women @ellie_chang! ❤️ Ellie and her team @mmarissahuang @nowonderg just launched their product @jobalaya on Product Hunt today. Definitely check that out to support our fellow women :)
Always love products that support women! Btw, @jobalaya has a tag page that shows companies with female leadership. @Present looks like a great fit there!

Love Present to find career events, foodie friends, and badass woman-owned businesses and brands near me!


Women supporting women!


Need more friends!

This is really cool. Only women? lol. I will be rooting for you!