Science fiction novel about the future of Virtual Reality

Hi, I'm the author of Presence and I'd be delighted to take questions from the PH community. Here's a bit about my book... Presence is a novel about the future of Virtual Reality. At the time I began the project, in early 2015, VR was poised for a breakthrough. Sure enough, in 2016 three major new VR headsets came onto the market: Facebook’s Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, and Sony’s Playstation VR. However, we’re yet to see an equivalent breakthrough in software. That’s why I turned to fiction to explore the future of this amazing technology. I’ve looked well beyond the present day in Presence, which is set thirty-five years into the future. In my novel, I imagine what the Facebook of 2051 will look like. My guess is that we’ll be doing a lot of our social and business networking inside virtual worlds by then. “Presence is the magic of virtual reality. It’s the feeling that you are truly someplace else.” Palmer Luckey, inventor of the Oculus Rift, said that at the D.I.C.E. 2014 Summit. In my novel, I set out to explore what our world will be like when true presence has been attained. Other themes include: - What will VR do to our identities, when we can seamlessly jump between the physical and virtual worlds? - Will VR and other emerging technologies, such as drones, create a society where privacy is non-existent? - If you think the current generation spends too much time online, what will happen to us when we’re always “invirt”? (a term I coined for this book). I had a lot of fun writing Presence, so I hope you check it out!
@ricmac orderd! Based on your tweet + GIF 😊
@nivo0o0 Thanks Niv! I just tweeted the full gif, plus added it to this page :)
I read an advanced copy and it's awesome.
A fantastic vision of the future. I was reading this just before the Oculus connect event, and when they announced avatars I got shivers...