Prepd Pack Recipes App

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Jon LayFounder @wearehanno & @hellopingpong
Very biased since we had a hand in the engineering side of building this thing for iOS and Android, but just wanted to say that it's been an awesome experience to work with Chris, Will and their team on this one and it's fantastic to see this one in the store at last. I definitely have a newfound appreciation of just how difficult it is to build real physical products to go along with the software side of things ;)
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Erwin James Will
Software Engineer
I backed the Kickstarter project and I can't wait till I can use this with my prepd pack
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chris place
Co-Founder @ Prepd
Hey Guys, we hope you enjoy the Prepd Pack Recipes App, we welcome any questions!
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Jose Niño PérezData, Tech and Social Science
I backed the Kickstarter project and I am happy to see this in the app store. I'll have some practice before my prepd packs arrive! I will play around with the app and will be back with some feedback.
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Tom Johnson
I make colored rectangles.
Very cool idea. I definitely want to try this out. One small feedback point, I installed the app (android) and didn't know that I could vertically scroll on the explore tab. I'd suggest peeking the second result so that you know there's more to see. Maybe your tests haven't encountered that issue, but at first glance it looked like everything was a horizontal interaction.
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