Simple prelaunch & landing page builder

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Hi Hunters! Some time ago I made (mostly for myself) little service that helps you to generate prelaunch page. As someone who has drawer full of ideas, this is great way for me to gather first feedback on my ideas and communicate with people who are interested. For quick walkthrough see video I made:
Great work, love how simple it is. Believe it or not, I had a pretty difficult time with Launchrock's editor, definitively would preffer this.
Absolutely my future pre-launch builder! Fantastic work :)
@00taffe Thanks, Taffe ๐Ÿ‘
Do you integrate with Mailchimp to save the emails?
@cemedericarak Hey, not yet but definitely something I am thinking about.
Might be a silly question but does this need to be installed to a fresh domain? I.e. If I have a Wordpress site on an existing domain, I'd need to overwrite the entire site with this, right?
@shotkit you could just use the WP File Manager Plugin to load this in a folder you create outside of WP (at the root), The use a re-direct plugin to redirect index.php to the new folder...then, when you're ready to remove the pre-launch page, just remove the redirection.