Beautiful personal finance app with future prediction.

It's hard to keep track of where the money goes. Simply sync your bank accounts, let Predict learn your spending habits and get access to real-time overview of your finances, future prediction, budgeting tools and much more.

Predict puts your spending into perspective.

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4 Reviews5.0/5

I want to like the app. But I've been on three beta releases with no response on when the app would feature my bank. No response. So it's giving me even lower confidence in customer service.


Has potential.


Bank (Simple) is not currently available. Can't use the app.

Hey Kevin, thanks for review and for trying out Predict. As you say, Simple bank is not supported right now and won't be on board in near future. But I did reach out to your feedback, from on December 21., I hope it didn't end up in spam. Cheers :-)
"This app is currently not available in your country or region." 😞
Hi everyone, Predict is the app I built because I missed the tool that would help me to get on top of my finances, and let me know where it's going in the future, hassle-free. I was making basic predictions manually, based on large transactions that were repeating, like income, rent and car expenses. But I knew software could do all of this better, if given enough data, training and nice simple UI. Predict is just that. Try it out 🙂
UI is better than most of the current apps in play store. Few suggestions - 1. Let us create different local "wallets" in the app, if we don't connect to bank account via premium. 2. Let us use different currency in different wallet. 3. The video shows a dark theme, but I didn't find it in the app. (android)
@vicky_buddie thanks for your suggestions, the feature request for multiple cash wallets & currencies is notes, I'll definitely think about that. And the dark theme you see is the future - all screens that show future predictions are dark. And future prediction is a premium feature.
Love the idea! But dang... it doesn't support any banks in my country yet 😢 Hope to use it sooner or later 😄