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#4 Product of the DayMarch 01, 2018

Ready made Widgets to Support your Awesome Pre-Launch.Templates of all kinds for you to Customize further (change colors, copy, images).

  • Theodoros Moulos
    Theodoros MoulosGroup CEO GrowthRocks & Viral-Loops

    So many ideas to select from. You are limited only by your imagination. As a agency I keep using it for all our customers. Super useful!


    No Cons. Typically, the cons are related to their support times. But here support is just awesome and they build anything we ask them.

    Widgetize the web is our moto. No more custom development. We just place the snippet in GTM and we keep changing the widgets every week. They became part of our marketing strategy.

    Theodoros Moulos has used this product for one year.
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  • Andreas Kougentakos
    Andreas KougentakosCEO at socialactive

    This is an awesome tool. I use it in every website I create!


    No Cons. It does what it brags for!

    Free credits every month, 100+ widgets for all occasions, crazy fast support even on free accounts, detailed analytics... What more can you request for?

    Andreas Kougentakos has used this product for one month.
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DallasMaker@dallasvicky · Founder
Hello guys and girls! 😊 First of all, Kevin thank you sooooo much for Hunting us! I am Dallas, the founder of Appocalypsis. I absolutely love ProductHunt, so you can imagine my excitement right now that we are given the opportunity to present our work to you. First of all let me tell you what Appocalypsis is and then move on to WHY we are here today! At Appocalypsis we aim to widget-ize the web 😃 (sound good doesn’t it?) We offer all sorts of widgets for website owners. From the known-to-all Popups, Top & Bottom Bars, Survey forms. We have also developed the Wheel of Fortune widget and we continuously provide new innovative designs to our customers (i.e Instagram Like Poll Widget). We have designed over 250+ templates to choose from so your imagination can run wild! We provide most of the customisation and setup features that other amazing platforms like ours offer! And everything works with a single script only. Since we are a startup ourselves we can totally understand the struggle startups face when they are planning their prelaunch campaign(s). 100 things to be done at the right time and as good as possible. A day of excitement and at the same time fear for all of us! This is why my team and I prepared 100+ templates you could use on your prelaunch campaigns. We’ve used most of our different widget types, prepared the colors and the copy so that you can get some inspiration from, or even use them as is. Let us know what you think and I really, really hope we help in your journey (even just by a little)! We're happy to answer any questions. P.S. Appocalypsis is free in its basic version that allows up to 10K pageviews per month. Product hunters with larger audiences get our most popular 1M Plan instead of €29 at €15 per month. Use PH-ROCKS coupon code at checkout this week.
Bill Stathopoulos
Bill Stathopoulos@imvassilis · Growth Strategist at GrowthRocks
@dallasvicky seems like an awesome product! Can't wait to try the templates with our startup clients... 😁😎 Do you offer a Zapier integration?
DallasMaker@dallasvicky · Founder
@imvassilis Hello Vassilis! Thank you so much!! We offer the following integrations on our paid plans: Zapier, Mailchimp, Slack, Leads 2 Mail.
Theodoros Moulos
Theodoros Moulos@tmoulos · Group CEO GrowthRocks & Viral-Loops
@dallasvicky This set of templates just rocks! I can't wait using them. I like most of them
DallasMaker@dallasvicky · Founder
@tmoulos Thank you Theodoros! Grab a cup of coffee and use our Preview mode.
Savvas Zortikis
Savvas Zortikis@savvaszortikis · Co-founder & CEO at Viral Loops
@dallasvicky so happy to see our favorite widget/pop-up service launching on PH 😍
George Vasiliadis
George VasiliadisPro@geovasiliadis · Space, Tech, Nutrition, Fitness
BOOM!💥@dallasvicky This looks awesome! Congrats on your launch. 💪
DallasMaker@dallasvicky · Founder
@geovasiliadis Thanks so much George!!!!!!!!
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Will try it out 😊 Any Wordpress plugin? To use this
DallasMaker@dallasvicky · Founder
@ayush_chandra Hello Ayush! Thank you :) Try it out and if you need anything just shout :) No wordpress plugin, however there are plenty that will do the job just fine! Just contact us via our support page and will get you up and running in no time :)
Damjanski@damjanski · Do Something Good
DallasMaker@dallasvicky · Founder
@damjanski I'll take it ;) Thank you
David Kosmayer
David Kosmayer@davidkosmayer · Founder and CEO @ Bookmark
Congrats everyone, looks really good!
DallasMaker@dallasvicky · Founder
@davidkosmayer Thanks a lot David!!!! Feels awesome to get good feedback :)