prdc - Hack Product Hunt!

Hack PH and receive bite-sized reviews to top hunts weekly!

prdc hacks Product Hunt for you and sends reviews of hunts straight to your inbox, every Monday.

I'm a 17 y/o student developer who's attempting to solve the problem of turning out to be unproductive while browsing productivity sites! It beats the cycle of browsing, finding out that the apps were on private beta, bookmarking, and forgetting them.

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Hey all! I'm a 17-year old student and today, I'm excited to feature a pre-launch of my product, prdc! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Just to give you a short background, I tend to browse PH almost everyday and it tends to hook me in. Unfortunately, however, a lot of these tend to be "private early beta" products, and I end up bookmarking a lot of them and forgetting them in the future. 😎 prdc would be a so-called lifehacks to PH, as reviews of top PH hunts would be crowdsourced and curated and sent to your inbox. No more browsing and bookmarking! Aside from reviews of the top 3 hunts being part of prdc, - every FIRST Monday would feature a students picks corner; - every SECOND Monday, a makers corner would be part, and lastly; - every THIRD Monday would feature crowdsourced & crowd-requested products! All these featured hunts would be reviewed and come from hunts over the past week, all with the goal of keeping YOU productive! 🌏 As a student, I made a product for students, makers and tech-enthusiasts as we crowdsource opinions and curate apps to keep productive. πŸ‘ Comments, suggestions and questions are definitely highly appreciated and open via Twitter (@zacharycsy). Cheers, thank you so much!
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Very happy to see an innovative teen!!! Congrats!
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@astghik_azaryan: Thanks so much for your support! Hope prdc is something that would interest you, as well!