A simple, unopinionated training log for athletes

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Mubashar IqbalHunterPro@mubashariqbal · 2016 Maker of the Year. Indie Hacker.
Simple and efficient app for tracking your workouts. Web based and responsive you'll have access to your workout log from everywhere.
Blain SmithMaker@blainsmith · Partner/Engineer, Odd Networks
@mubashariqbal Thanks for posting!
Blain SmithMaker@blainsmith · Partner/Engineer, Odd Networks
PRd maker here. I've been training a long time and not once have I found an app that didn't get in my way. Most fitness and training apps assume you know nothing about training, movement, or lifting. They offer too many useless pieces of information and data entry on a mobile device was cumbersome. PRd was build to change that. Free text log entry with autocomplete and basic personal record logging. PRd makes no assumptions on training, routines, reps, sets, or exercises. It gets out of the way so you can focus on actually training. And since its a responsive web app it should work everywhere. I may update it to offer native apps in the future.
Tim Herbig@herbigt · Director Iridion
@blainsmith nice idea but do you plan to connect other services like strava in order to avoid having to double-entering training data?
Blain SmithMaker@blainsmith · Partner/Engineer, Odd Networks
@herbigt No I have no plans to connect to other systems right now. Maybe in the future.