Prank Greeting Cards (with glitter)!

Greeting cards play non-stop. Spread glitter when broken.

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Start off the new year on a great note: torturing your friends with the best/worst prank card ever.
@katesegrin thanks so much for your vote!
Subsequent pushes of the music button make it LOUDER. I love it.
I spent a solid half hour watching videos, reading and laughing my ass off at your website. Can't freaking wait to start giving these out!
@chrisgscott great! I'm happy we have made you laugh a few times.
One difference from Ship Enemies Glitter (good dudes, btw) is that ours is inside the when they try to stop the card from playing they get glittered. We also make non-glitter version. Our cards play music non-stop for 3+ hours, open or closed.
@twalkerp You're a terrible human being.
@matcarpenter haha. I accept your compliment.
Site is now - can pre-order cards that we just launched on KickStarter