Pramp 2.0

Peer-to-peer practice for live technical interviews

#1 Product of the DayAugust 14, 2017
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Ask any software developer about what they dread the most in the hiring process and they'll all say it's the coding interview. Four of my technical mentors launched a tool for developers at all levels to help them crush their technical interviews. Godspeed to @matanzg, @omer, @rafizik and @dan_shalev
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Wonderful product, very useful and intuitive. Make hiring process so much easier and productive.
@zivlautman thank you Ziv for the <3!
Looks nice but I question how many non-noobs will be able to fill the opposite side. I feel it will mostly be filled with amateurs. Looks cool though.
@erickbarron86 thanks for the comment. It's actually quite the opposite. Close to 70% of Pramp users have 2 or more years of software development experience. If anything, non-noobs are the ones that need Pramp the most since their interviewing skills have likely atrophied over the years. Coding and interviewing are largely orthogonal skills. Being good at the former doesn't guarantee success in the latter. How do you practice for you technical interviews?
@erickbarron86 @rafizkv "Interviewing skills have atrophied" = noob, depending on the state of atrophy. I think the accurate way to think about this is what % of users understand the basics enough to be good judges of the others' performance. Maybe an initial automated coding test could weed out people who haven't done enough solo study yet? GL!
@zachtratar thanks for the feedback. We take couple of measure to guarantee high quality prep for peers. First, we send users the questions (and the answers) they'll be asking their peers 24h before the interview begins. That gives them plenty of time to prepare as interviewers. Second, we almost always match between users who have the same pogromming language preferences. Third, interview session have test cases, so even a user isn't sure whether their peer's algorithm is correct they can easily verify it. Forth, we try whenever possible to assign you as an interviewer (but never as an interviewee) a question you've seen before. So the more times you've asked the better you become at asking it. Why don't you give a try and see for yourself? :)
Very cool! Curious: Where are you guys going from here?
@david_q_jin thanks for the kind words. We are already hosting thousands of interviews every month and one of the things we noticed was that many of users are being invited by peers they met on Pramp to onsite interviews at the companies they work at, skipping resume and phone screening. It's probably only natural for us to productize this and connect candidates and companies directly. Do you have any suggestions for us?
Congrats guys, it s really needed, especially for corporate companies. You may want to add Linkedin login :)
@orhanbayram thank you for the feedback. Supporting LinkedIn login definitely makes sense. Any other feedback?