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Pragma is a platform for building Ethereum contracts. We're just getting started by publishing our event logging tool while we build the next set of features.

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Thanks for hunting! @john_c_palmer @molchanimal what is your grand vision with this platform?
@molchanimal @abadesi Hey Abadesi, A couple months ago, Marcus and I created a game called Hash Heroes and launched it here on Product Hunt. That was our first time building something on Ethereum, and we thought the developer experience was pretty rough. A lot of the tools in the space are very young, and they’re spread out across several different places. Our main goal here is to make smart contracts much more accessible to developers, by building a toolset that mirrors what they (and we) are used to. We’re launching this event logging tool right now because it’s something we really needed when building our last project, but there is lots more to come over the next few months.
@john_c_palmer 👋 Excited to hear about this! What are some of the other tools on the horizon? Do you see Pragma as a suite of tools, one project in a larger group, or a tool with ever-expanding functionality?
@jringenberg This will be a suite of tools, mostly in the browser for the foreseeable future. I think all of these tools get more valuable when packaged together. For example, the next think we're working on is easy contract deployment from the browser, combined with version management. When you can see all the contracts you care about in one place, and then just click a button to go see the event logs, the logging tool gets more valuable.
Great work once again by Marcus and team!
@jashpetty Thanks Josh! Let us know if you have feedback about the logging tool or any future features.
@john_c_palmer what other tools do you plan to add?
@nneuman In the immediate-term, version management and contract deployment from the browser. When that's done, you'll be able to deploy, keep track of, and monitor a smart contract all on Pragma. After that, I think a lot depends on reception of these first features and talking to users, but we have a pretty long list of possibilities.
Love it! @john_c_palmer does Pragma use MetaMask's injected web3 element for the event logging tool, or is Pragma hosting their own node for this purpose? I don't seem to be receiving any events in the logger, which I suspect is because MetaMask uses Infura (which currently disables watching events).
@connorgutman Right now we're using MetaMask's injected web3, but you should be seeing logs. We don't watch, but rather poll at intervals to get the latest events. Are you connected to the right network? Please shoot a message to if you continue having issues, and I'll help you out.
@withpragma @john_c_palmer Cool approach! I seem to have fixed the problem by switching metamask to a testnet and then back to the mainnet, which for some reason fixed everything. Most likely a weird bug on my end. 🎉
@withpragma @connorgutman That's actually a pretty common fix to this kind of thing. I think MetaMask just has some weird behavior sometimes. Hope you like the product!