A job marketplace based on your Facebook connections

Thanks for posting @bramk! 😻 Praber is an app to get almost any kind of service. From a petsitter to a lawyer. We think that any working relationship is based on trust. And trust is based on social connections. That’s why Praber is built around that. A registration through your Facebook account allows you to see if a Service Provider has already worked for some of your friends. Every user can seamlessly be a client or a service provider himself. This is our first release. The app is still “empty”. The most valuable thing for us now is the feedback from the Product Hunt community. We are listening! 😺
@nicolasegosum I met this guy when praber was just a PowerPoint! Happy to their improvement! Good luck guys!
@ilbedussa @nicolasegosum Thank you David! See u soon in TLV! :)
Nice idea, @nicolasegosum! Personally I'll almost always go with my friends' recommendations because I trust them and it saves me a lot of time and mental energy in making a decision. Love to learn/see how you get as many people to leave reviews as possible :)
@alfred_lua Thanks Alfred! We are based on friend recommendations. When you request a service you always see people that you are connect to on the top of the list.
Great idea! I see so many practices, but how are you going to make sure you have enough service providers to make it useful everywhere?
@samuelbeek another question: can you be both a provider and service-needer?
@samuelbeek Hi Samuel! Thanks for the support! :D First thing (second question), everybody can be both a service provider and a client. To be a service provider you just have to select your skills and you will start seeing requests from other people. Right now we will manually search for service providers based on the requests from users.
Great idea, but why do you ask the phone number after login? In this step, I think, the conversion of the next step will fall. And what about more skills?
@gogola Thank Ivo! Regarding phone number, Praber is open to everybody on Earth, but we decided to verify everybody with their phone number in order to block part of the scammers/spammers. Plus, after you have been hired we share your phone with the person who hires you. Regarding Skills, these are required to be inputed only if you want to find work on praber. When you input your Skills, you will see requests from other users that match those specific skills. Did I answer completely your questions?
@nicolasegosum But you can move the phone verification after I've been hired and before share my phone number for person who hires me. It will save your conversion
@gogola We know that adding phone verification will lower conversion rate. But we want Praber to be a "safe garden" to play in. We do not pre-vet people on the platform and the only way to verify that a professional is serious is via social connections. SMS verification is the only block to Praber freedom :)