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Get your startup in the news with PR campaigns powered by AI

#4 Product of the DayJune 11, 2019
Get your startup in the news by running PR campaigns powered by AI!
Boost matches you with thousands of journalists in your niche, then our team of PR experts writes and sends custom press pitches to them to help you get featured
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Hey everyone! 👋 For the last year and a half we’ve been working hard on building the future of PR software at Press Hunt. We’ve compiled one of the most advanced journalist databases available. One of the biggest requests we’ve had from our users is to have guided campaigns ran by PR experts integrated into our core software product. We’ve launched a similar service in the past called Howler––Boost is a remastering of Howler, integrating it into our core do-it-yourself PR tool and hooking it up with our refined Press Hunt 2.0 dataset. Here’s how Boost works: 🔮 We use proprietary algorithms to match you with 1,000 targeted journalists from our database of ~400k 📝 Our team of PR experts writes your pitches––we’ll refine them until you’re happy & give us the green light 🚀 We run your PR outreach campaign to the journalists & reporters in your list 🤝 We introduce you to the journalist directly when they express interest in your story so you can set up a time for an interview Boost is the simplest way to run a PR campaign without spending hundreds of hours manually researching journalists, trying to find their emails, and sending emails to them. We take care of the whole process so you can just quickly get your campaign out without all the BS. We’ve been working really hard on this, and we’d love your feedback! If you’d like to give Boost a try, I made a 20% off lifetime discount code that will be live for the next few days. Use the code ‘EARLY’ at checkout. 🙂 Thanks for your time! I'll be around all day to answer questions & respond to feedback. – Matt, Aaron, & Frances
I might need this service in the future.
@missmvmaria Let me know if you have any questions before getting started 🙂
Great job!😊 Will check it out! Will This work for digital academy?
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush! Yes, works for anything with a compelling story
So awesome. This is huge for startups!
This is so freaking great! Good work Matt and team!!