Power Rangers Movie AR/VR App

Create your own AR Ranger suit and experience Zordon in VR

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GoGo Power Rangerrrrrsss Got an early look at this and interesting to see movie promo dipping into VR/AR experiences. @1greigcranfield tell us about the app and bit of backstory :)
@bentossell Thanks Ben! Hey everyone. Working with Lionsgate on this project was like all of my childhood dreams come true. We teamed up with ReelFXStudios who created the VR experience (some of you might have seen it at CES) to create the app and we're stoked how it has turned out. The colour with your camera feature is actually a world first and we have an update or two planned soon that will roll out another first for AR colouring. Seeing the Zords come to life in your living room is sweet but the really fun part for me the colouring pages. I've already made some cool power ranger suits ;) but we'd love to see what everyone else can create. Share with #powerrangersmovie. GoGo Product Hunterrrrrrrssss...
This app would have been an obsession in my childhood. Now it's just a guilty pleasure. Amazing work πŸ˜€
I played coloring game with my son and it was an absolute delight. Planning on to explore more. Would like to know more what went into bringing the AR experience
Great app for Power rangers fans :D