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#1 Product of the DayApril 07, 2018

Power Menu is a highly configurable Finder extension that adds powerful actions to the right click menu and toolbar within Finder - this makes it quick and easy to do things such as move and copy files, convert images, create new documents and much more. The app comes bundled with preset actions and supports custom shell scripts.

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Taichi Kato
Taichi Kato@taichi_kato · Co Founder of Questo AI
Would love a trial version tbh.
RishiMaker@rmodha · Founder, FIPLAB Ltd
@taichi_kato We're working on a trial version - stay tuned :)
Mac Connolly
Mac Connolly@macconnollyco · Co-Founder / CEO, Agentless
@taichi_kato Yeah, need a trial version of this. Not sure how it would integrate with my workflow so a trial would be ideal. Until then, love the product and please keep us updated on this.
@taichi_kato +1 on a trial version (especially before offering a discount code!).
RishiMaker@rmodha · Founder, FIPLAB Ltd
Hey everyone! We are launching our brand new Mac app today and would love to get feedback on our idea. You can get 20% off the full price by using coupon code: POWER20 at checkout :) Also, check out our blog post on Power Menu here: https://blog.fiplab.com/power-me...
Dennis Stücken
Dennis Stücken@dstuecken · Co-Founder, Token Daily
OMG edit with vim 😍
Lee Fuhr
Lee Fuhr@cozysd · Founder & Creative Director, Cozy
Integrate with Alfred to make this all keyboardable for double-plus magic.
Farbod Saraf
Farbod Saraf@farbodsaraf · Co-founder Everboard.io (YC SUS17)
RishiMaker@rmodha · Founder, FIPLAB Ltd
@cozysd Interesting - can you expand on this idea?
Lee Fuhr
Lee Fuhr@cozysd · Founder & Creative Director, Cozy
@rmodha Alfred can act on a selected item in Finder, via hotkey: https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/t... Imagine if your list of actions http://cozy.es/Kd8Sgo was in that list of actions http://cozy.es/TMi8hk Boom, now I can use your tool from the keyboard. Alfred's install base is huge, so I'm not alone in wanting to be able to stay on the keyboard to do things like this with my files…