Take charge of your menstrual cycle securely 💪

Your personal cycle, your personal data!
POW! adapts to your cycle, and your level of interest. You can track as many or as few factors as you like using tags.
POW! is a privacy-first app. You keep complete control of your data.
Made with ❤ by @raae.
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Hello PH! I am launching POW! in open beta today. My goal is to celebrate International Women's Day (March 8th, 2020) with a robust version 1. Today I am hoping to attract users that would like to contribute by volunteering feedback and participate in user testing as I keep evolving this app. There is a vision in my head. I am still far from this vision, but you got to start somewhere, right? The idea is to make a flexible menstrual tracker that lets you be in charge and helps you determine if what's going on with you today is normal for you. POW! lets you hashtag whatever you want on any day in your cycle. These hashtags are then used to inform you of what you have tagged before on a specific cycle day. I would also like to add a way for you to do your own analysis of how certain tags play out throughout your cycle. The app uses a framework called Blockstack, that makes it easier for me to protect your privacy. All your data is encrypted, and you are the only one who can decrypt it. Let me know what you think, Benedicte Check out this twitter thread for behind the scenes stuff: https://twitter.com/raae/status/...
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I've been a Clue user for a few years now but I've still found it far from perfect in terms of how/what it tracks. Definitely going to give POW! a try :) And, I said this on Twitter but I thank you SO MUCH for the lack of gendered language in your app!
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@nursemchurt it will probably not be able to replace Clue (same as I use) as of now, but I would love it if you used them in parallel and volunteered feedback. I will get some kind of feedback system up and going. Until then feel free to DM me on twitter. First up is making the calendar better, then the tag predictions. And thank you for noticing the gendered neutral language. It came naturally inside the app, but I am also trying to be mindful in the marketing where I have to check myself a little more often.
Looks interesting, like the privacy focus!
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@heidivikki thank you! When consumer Benedicte and developer Benedicte meshed this winter and realized that potentially someone I studied with could look at my cycle data as they likely could be the dev working on the app I am using things got real for me... In addition to the reports that some of these apps were sending data to Facebook etc.
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@heidivikki @raae out of pure curiosity, what would it matter if someone you studied with knows when you're on your period? Is it supposed to be a secret? I know I never treated it as such 😅
@anna_0x it's not about someone I studied with, it's more that my data is my data, and I want to choose who I give access to. Many apps share data they collect with Facebook, Google, sell them to businesses etc, the developers have access to all data etc. Data collected about my menstrual cycle, if I am happy, angry, sad can be quite sensitive, and I do not think it is the same sharing with a friend that I have my period and sharing with businesses.
@heidivikki @anna_0x I guess it depends on what you log, I log my mood in a very personal way. And maybe, more importantly, would like to control who knows. Somehow thinking about old acquaintances being able to read it made it more real and icky to me, more than Facebook ad algorithms knowing...
@heidivikki @raae well, I suppose if you log your mood and thoughts then it’s kind of like a diary, so it makes sense to want to keep it private. I really don’t find that my periods affect my mood in any way though. Don’t know if it’s just me or if the whole thing is a myth 🤷🏻‍♀️
Privacy and control of your own data
I definitely like the focus on privacy and neutral-gender feel of the app. Are you thinking of including any ML predictions? Apart from privacy, what do you think the added-value of your app?
@salwa_fathallah I have always felt that the existing apps are more detailed than I'd like and also very rigid in their categorization of symptoms and moods. I also have my own words for certain things and its easier to just use that. This led to the idea of tags and then predicting based on the users tags. So I am hoping to make this flexibility a value add.
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@salwa_fathallah so far the prediction algorithm is not that smart, but making it smarter is definitely something I will be working on. And maybe I would have to look into ML for that.
@raae sounds great, will definitely use once it's out!
@salwa_fathallah great! Would you also like to be an early user and provide feedback etc. as I keep moving forward toward the "official" launch March 8th?