Simply plan your get-together

A mobile application to make event planning simple. Create an event and invite your awesome friends and families in a few simple steps. Celebrate the happy moments of life !

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Looks nice, but like most new social platforms, the question is: How are you going to convince people to try something new instead of just starting a FB group or group text?
@daviswbaer: PotluckHub is an effort to make event planning and coordination easier. Users can schedule events, invite friends, add items to bring to the event, let others pick up what they want to bring, chat with each other, share pics etc. This is the app to coordinate and plan events at a place. More features like splitting menu items, expense management, event templates etc pipeline, we are confident that the more people get to know about the app the more they will realize how eases and convenience of using it and migrate to PotluckHub instead of using other social platforms to host events which has a lot of limitations. Also, in PotluckHub users can coordinate the events and chat with the participants in a closed group without sharing the phone numbers or any other personal information.

Great work guys. But... Why don't you inform that you can't register users all over the world? I've downloaded the app and was sadly surprised that Ukraine is not supported.


Supposed to be useful


Not for all countries

Thanks for the feedback. We will add support for more countries shortly. Will keep you informed on this