The only Instagram Scheduling service I've found that works

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There are a load of services that brand themselves as being able to schedule Instagram posts; but in reality, all that they do is send you a reminder at the time you schedule for you to manually post it to Instagram. This is the only service that I've found which actually works like you'd expect (i.e. Buffer for Instagram - btw @buffer should totally add Instagram as a channel); you schedule a time and your Instagram post will get automatically posted at that time. We tested at least 5+ services and this was the only one that worked as expected.
@_jacksmith I've built a tool called that actually schedules and posts from the web without abusing the API through a hack like most others. Buffergram uses secure automated headless Android devices on your behalf, so there's no need to worry about Instagram shutting down your account. It's just the automation of a human procedure.
@mittermayr I like the idea
@_jacksmith thanks! Didn't mean to hijack the post here but reading their FAQ says they don't store the Instagram password which points to using the API hack and people have been blocked through that (hack, not that service). That's why I felt this needs to be looked at specifically for Instagram. There are some good services out there using automated Instagram apps which, based on an educated opinion, sounds less troublesome than the API hack (see Stackoverflow).
@mittermayr got it. so far it's worked well for me and is free unlike schedugram/buffergram. I can see why it'd be something worth paying for if you post a lot of posts though.
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack. I was looking for one of these last night and none of them seemed to work well.
@ZacDavies those guys have the correct approach!
@ZacDavies @mittermayr what's the 'correct approach' - using phantom android devices, as you describe above?
@ZacDavies @_jacksmith well, let me rephrase, the 'least troublesome' approach. yes, that's with actual devices, with the official Instagram app installed. This might still be a stretch, of course. Instagram says, the API does not allow to post images. Many have extracted the keys and code from the official Instagram app and now pose as if they were the app from their web services, which is bound to a specific IP and once Instagram takes the time to figure this out, will be blocked and that's that. Posting through automating the real Instagram app (by simulating finger taps) is likely still outside Instagram's dream scenario, but probably less so than hacking their API keys. Edit: They have only allowed Hipstamatic POST access for their API, that's about the only service out there. The official statement said that they are evaluating this, so with Instagram's non-stop rise to the top of marketing departments, they will have to act. Based on my experience with Twitter, they'll do so through an ad-based manager very soon. You can post images and buy/manage/track exposure through their tool, most definitely. So this will only remain a brief business opportunity for sure.
I thought this was not possible since Instagram TOS wont allow. Good find.
I cant see how this works with Instagram? Only VK, twitter and Pinterest. am i missing something or have they removed Insta?
Takeoff are a few others but they don't actually post for you directly like this one. Also check out the Instagram products collection.
@rrhoover yeah, I tried out a load in that collection; but they were all more just kind of like reminder apps, that still needed you to post manually at the set time
@rrhoover @_jacksmith This is because it is against Instagram Terms of Service to automate your posts.