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We use Postmates at Product Hunt HQ to order Philz occasionally. When are you launching a Postmates Business account for startups like us, @basti? πŸ˜€
@rrhoover It is coming but i bet you will like our next product a lot better. Soon it's Party Time ;)
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@basti @rrhoover Also, maybe we should launch this exclusively on Product Hunt, rather than doing regular press around this... Has this been done before?
@basti I'm all for it. You have my email! πŸ™Œ
@rrhoover Will email you!
@basti @rrhoover We've been discussing this (postmates for philz) at @Segment for a long time.. make it happen :)
@basti when can i try this in LA? Love PostMates in LA for when I'm too sleepy to drive :D LA traffic sucks too!
Going to give this a try today. I'm all for quick and cheap delivery, but this just doesn't seem to economically feasible. Do you think the meals will be pre-made roaming the city (like UberEats) so they can meet that 15 min deadline?
@tylerswartz Pop is fast because it eliminates the pickup leg. Rather than spending time traveling to a specific merchant location or waiting for the food to be prepared, Postmates drivers who participate in Pop carry an inventory of freshly made items ready to drop off immediately. (Right from the blog post... ;))
@tylerswartz Our gross profit margin is lower than with the core Postmates product but it is still positive. We have some ideas on how to improve it too. Sampling could be one way, paid promos by selected brands another. I think it could be fun to use Pop for non-invasive forms of advertising for example. We're taking it easy with this one and will concentrate on quality and user experience for now. Let me know how you like it!
It's gonna be up next. I don't know when exactly but i would think that it will not take longer than one or two weeks.