Postman is a powerful HTTP client to test REST API

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#2 Product of the DayApril 15, 2014

Postman is a really useful tool if you building and testing APIs. More than 3 000 developers love that platform because it makes work so much easier, complete and accurate. It has a Postman free app for Mac, Windows and Linux, and a paid version for enterprises that can be used for monitoring, API testing and documentation.

Efrem Maranhao Filho
New Adam
  • New Adam
    New AdamSenior Software Engineer

    easy to use


    Very very expensive

    Dashboard is shit

    I don't know why there is no cheaper alternative, does it make sense to pay about $1k for team of 10 !!!

    New Adam has used this product for one year.
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Michael Geneles
Michael GenelesHunter@geneles · Co-founder // Pitchbox
Postman rocks! If you are building an API, you will love it.
Solene Maître
Solene Maître@solenema · PM @applydia
Very useful tool! We love it at Enquire to avoid formatting nightmare. Collections are very usefull!
Surendran B
Surendran B@surendranb · Growth & Partnerships, SocialCops
Just discovered this.. I love it
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
@surendranb Same! Amazed by it.
Thorsten Koch
Thorsten Koch@thorstenk · developer with passion
Today i found Postman and i love it already. It helps me to test my API and i think, when it is ready, i will offer own postman stuff, that developers, who want to use my API can test the results, like in Google API Explorer. LOVE THAT, thank you!
Floran Pagliai
Floran Pagliai@floranpagliai · Lead Developer at Weglot
I've tried many tools for testing api, until I discover Postman ! Very good tool !