Email campaigns built for you using your best social content

Postie makes it easy for brands everywhere to send emails that their customers love. Postie builds your campaigns for you using your most popular Instagram content, and even gives you a way to earn money and reach new customers through Postie Collabs.

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We met Pete at LAUNCH Sydney in July. He pitched on stage and we invited him to San Francisco to be a part of Launch Accelerator batch 10. Postie is getting some great early traction and is well worth checking out for anyone who needs to start sending emails or send more emails that work.
@jason Thanks a lot - It’s awesome to have your support. I hope your community loves Postie and gets a lot of value out of it.
Hi everyone, We created Postie because we saw the new wave of micro brands coming into the world of ecommerce. They all share content through Instagram and have a Shopify/Wix/Squarespace/etc website but told us that they struggle with using platforms like Mailchimp.(All respect, Mailchimp is incredible but so many brand owners told us they want something faster and easier). These micro brands share engaging content that helps them build frighteningly strong relationships with their customers. We build email campaigns for them using the best of that content. We have brands in ecommerce and retail using Postie but also have hair salons, architecture firms, marketing agencies and many others who simply a) share good content and b) are time poor. Our customers in Australia seem to love us …and now we’re launching around the world! 🌎 Postie was born and raised in Melbourne Australia and we’re now in San Francisco with Launch Accelerator (DM me if you want any info about the awesome program). So if you, or someone you know runs a brand that creates good content and struggles with the hours it takes to build and send email campaigns check us out today. You can punch in your Instagram name in here >>> and we’ll create a demo campaign for you in 5 seconds. We also have 20% off for life (!!) for any product hunter/product hunter friend who create an account before 31st Dec 2018. We can’t wait to hear what you think of Postie. Thanks
@petedavisuk an amazing product. love it 😄
Clever idea, @petedavisuk and team. This is clearly focused on a DTC/ecommerce audience, although anyone that's running a business probably has an existing email newsletter that requires more manual creation or additional details (e.g. editorial content). Is this a true assumption? Also small bug report: My .me email address was rejected from signup.
Thanks for taking a look @rrhoover - DTC brands are our biggest user group but this falls into some broader categories than ecommerce, like hair salons and physical retail but also architecture firms, real estate agents, charities, and even an aged care facility. We found that people running these businesses are not sending emails more than once a month or once every couple of months because they just don’t have the time. If they are sending on a more regular schedule they resent the time it takes them, because it’s taking them away from other important work or family time. Because we pre-create their campaigns for them it dramatically reduces the time it takes to get a campaign out, so they drive more traffic and sales. Our campaigns are highly editable. While the average time it takes to review/edit and approve is around 5-8 minutes, it’s easy to flip the template to something that gives more space for editorial etc. Here are some examples of very different campaigns that were sent in the last 24 hours to give you a good sense: Hair salon staff update Florist Christmas message Architecture firm behind the scenes Digital agency top tips Hair salon sales message Aged Care company update Jewellery company range review Blogger update (with a collaboration) Children’s decor company Christmas teaser Children’s footwear company (with a collaboration) Sock company sale Thanks for pointing out re the .me email, we’ll get that fixed right away. Thanks for using your other email.
Great job!! 😊 very useful for sending campaigns through social media