Postcron: Scheduler for Instagram

Schedule Instagram posts & stories without notifications

Postcron allows you to schedule your Instagram posts and have them posted automatically for you.

  • Mirella Amaral
    Mirella Amaral~ your vibe attracts your tribe ~

    Having all my social networks in one place, scheduling posts and the new design tool is pretty neat!


    I'd say lack of new features, but they've just launched a bunch of them, including the designing tool.

    I've been using the tool for over a year now and I love how much it's improved since. Support is very responsive and is always interested in feedback. I first bought a monthly membership, and when I decided it was the right fit for me I went annual for the pricing. Definitely worth it!

    Mirella Amaral has used this product for one year.
  • Mariano Rodriguez Colombelli
    Mariano Rodriguez ColombelliBeamer, Hibox & Joincube creator

    Quick an easy!



    Great product! Been using Postcron for a while to manage our SaaS feeds in several social networks. Cool features and a better team. Totally recomendable! Congrats on the launch @lucasemma!

    Mariano Rodriguez Colombelli has used this product for one year.
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Lucas Emma
Lucas EmmaMaker@lucasemma · CEO Postcron
Hey Hunters, It has been an awesome journey since we first launched in Product Hunt 3 year ago. (Thanks @charlieirish for the hunt! ). Back then Postcron was just a simple tool to schedule posts, since then we have added +2,500,000 Users from over 170 countries who were looking to save time managing their social accounts. Using their feedback we have added many new features including Instagram post scheduling, Analytics, comments moderation, Bulk Uploading, and a free Social Media Image creator call with hundreds of cool templates to make your job much easier. Thanks again for checking us out and I would really love to hear your feedback and ideas!
Lisa Watson Thomas
Lisa Watson Thomas@lisa_watson_thomas
We love postcron - makes our business work so much smoother!
Roman Gimenez
Roman GimenezMaker@roman_gimenez
@lisa_watson_thomas Thank you so much for sharing your opinion!
Russ Dee
Russ Dee@russ_dee
Originally with Hootsuite, the prices kept going up and the services seem to decrease. We searched high and low while testing so many different products. Then , splash, POSTCRON landed on our laps. Fraction of the cost, does everything we were using Hootsuite for, super friendly service and something that is soooo easy to use. We use it across all our social media platforms. Even more so now that you can use it with Instagram. Nice work !
Roman Gimenez
Roman GimenezMaker@roman_gimenez
@russ_dee you made us blush! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and opinion about Postcron.
Young Malang
Young Malang@hammadbhatti
Amazing.. switched to Postcron years ago from Hootsuite and never looked back. This product like no other... I have many life-time deals on social media publishing apps but i still pay to use postcron because its worth it
Roman Gimenez
Roman GimenezMaker@roman_gimenez
@hammadbhatti Thanks a lot for sharing your comments! We work really hard to be able to help users like you everyday! 😊
Rudi de Groot
Rudi de Groot@reach · Social Business Specialist
Great product. The Instagram Scheduling feature is gold. No other tool does it like Postcron!
Roman Gimenez
Roman GimenezMaker@roman_gimenez
Thanks you very much for sharing your opinion @reach. We're so happy that you love the Instagram scheduling feature! 💪