Postcards, Yo

"Yo" your friends via snail mail

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i LOVE this...sending some to a couple friends. cc'ing @__aston__ who put this together
This was a fun little idea a friend hatched up and we put together quickly. Happy to answer any questions.
@__aston__ what's your take on business potential/future of the Yo app, and general thoughts on the phenomenon that was its growth?
@__aston__ are you using the lob api?
@nealrs We're using the API my good friends at @sincerely made. Lob's API looks pretty good too, though.
@__aston__ neat, i'm going to check that out. I really dig the idea of programmatic snail mail [as long as it's exciting]
This stuff is just fun! It's nice to know someone out there is thinking of you, even if it's just a "Yo" (digital or physical). We obviously have a better business model than the Yo app at the moment :)
@__aston__ i just sent like 7 of these. excited to see how my friends respond.
Yo's in your mailbox!? So sentimental. :P
Would love to see what an actual postcard looks like. @__aston__, do you have any photos?
@azilnik yup, here's one:
@__aston__ just as I imagined. LOL. Quick feedback: the minimalism of the site is on brand and nice but it needs more information and perhaps an image of the postcard being delivered.