PostBot 3 for Instagram

AI picked hashtags and posting times for maximum reach

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Thilina Solomons
@livinextreme · Entrepreneur, iOS Developer
PostBot is a much needed tool for Brands, Influencers and social media marketers. It will help you increase your exposure on Instagram. It will tell you what are the best hours to post and what hashtags to use specifically for your audience. It will increase likes, comments and followers by helping your posts reach to more users. I love Instagram. I've … See more


This honestly feels like a total scam for $30 with IAP, using "Artificial Intelligence" as a buzzword to sell the app. More information is necessary, especially with reviews that look like incentivized-for-5star. Hashtags are just randomly picked and aren't relevant per photo? Does it pick based on which of your photos will reach 'Top Post'? Because it's no… See more
Shuo Yang
@shuo_yang_ · Founder. https://readytravel.co
This is pretty cool, just want to know since it doesn't work on a freemium model, how do you plan to convert potential users(like me) who is a bit concerned about whether it actual works?
@steveraffner · Innovation Agent, my friends call me "Q"
Do you have any gift code for a test drive against honest review on app store ?
@khaliphj · Founder www.hiresquid.com
Wait.. So the app cost $28 and then there are also in app purchases? No bueno
Scott Wyden Kivowitz
@scottwyden · Photographer / Marketing @ Imagely
Looks cool. But I don't think I've ever seen an iOS app priced that high.