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#1 Product of the DayDecember 26, 2016
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This honestly feels like a total scam for $30 with IAP, using "Artificial Intelligence" as a buzzword to sell the app. More information is necessary, especially with reviews that look like incentivized-for-5star. Hashtags are just randomly picked and aren't relevant per photo? Does it pick based on which of your photos will reach 'Top Post'? Because it's not really relevant how popular a hashtag is if you're going to get flooded to the bottom of the page. The likes and followers you receive from these hashtags are also going to be largely bots that will un-follow you a few days later. Does it track this as well?
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@flowsion Would also love to see the "AI" behind this. Seems like people love to use this word a little too much.
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@flowsion well said!
@flowsion and the fact that the hunter+maker hasnt replied here pretty much proves your claim
@nicksmithr yeah would definitely like to know more about that "AI" involved. I'm actually currently working on an app that is similar to this called SmartHash, and attributing likes and comments just on hashtags and timeframe is a poor algorithm to use. You def need to attribute following count and other factors that could affect the engagement. It's tough, but it can be done with regression analysis, which is what I'm using for my app. So I'd really like to know what the "AI" behind this is, to see if it's really optimized.
This is pretty cool, just want to know since it doesn't work on a freemium model, how do you plan to convert potential users(like me) who is a bit concerned about whether it actual works?
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@shuo_yang_ Same question. App idea is nice though
@shuo_yang_ same question here too. also, how does the hashtag suggestion works? is it just a collection of popular tags based on location? or it does recommend related tags based on photo description?
@shuo_yang_ Freemium is must have i think, cause nowadays its too many services with "similar" functions. And as i know all this followers depends only on hype, firstly of course you need to gain followers, but then your name will work for you, not content.
Do you have any gift code for a test drive against honest review on app store ?
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@steveraffner If an app is downloaded using a coupon code, posting reviews isn't possible. We will give away coupon code for bloggers, press reviews etc.
@livinextreme I do tweet and blog as well 😀
Would love to try it out as well. I have 3 Instagram accounts / 213K / 37K / 14K
@alexandra_sasha_zvereva We can give promo codes for social media influencers. Just Messege me or DM our instagram:
Wait.. So the app cost $28 and then there are also in app purchases? No bueno
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@khaliphj in app purchases is free. The app used to run on freemium model few months back. Now it is paid. anybody who downloads the app gets the IAP for free.
Looks cool. But I don't think I've ever seen an iOS app priced that high.
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@chrisgscott Ok, One. But yours was a very different type of app.