Post's Tattoo Parlor

Make your face look like Post Malone’s

Today we are launching Post’s Tattoo Parlor. We’ve created a stunningly accurate set of Post Malone temporary face tattoos. Post Malone has arguably the best face tattoos on the planet but, until now, he was the only person who had them. Mostly because getting face tattoos is a pretty big commitment. Now is your chance to get in on the action!

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This is one of those products you do not know you NEED in our life... until you see it! We hope y'all love it, so let us know your thoughts here in the comments.
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
@15greenberg this came a few months too late (after Post Malone's Coachella performance). 😢
Hello, I recently ordered two sets of these temp tattoos but only revived one set in the mailed package.
I have not received mine yet, I ordered on October 11th and I never received a confirmation email, I am irritated
I also ordered mine on Oct 11th and haven't received mine yet either. Was hoping to have them for a party this weekend. I hope didn't get ripped off