Post COVID-19 Trends

See what’s coming after the crisis ends.

An interactive report of the top post-COVID trends. With analysis on how coronavirus accelerated each trend. And why the growth will continue post-lockdown.
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Hey Everyone 👋 I'm Brian Dean, Co-Founder of We all know the topics that blew up during coronavirus: -social distancing -surgical masks -yoga apps -uber eats Question is: now that things are opening up... what's next? Well, we decided to pore over our database of thousands of trending topics. And identify trends that are set to see sustained growth post-COVID. 📈 We then compiled the most interesting and relevant of those post-COVID trends. And added insights and analysis to explain why each topic is likely to grow as lockdowns end around the world. So yeah, that's it! I hope you enjoy the report 😀 Needless to say, we're super excited to be on Product Hunt today! My co-founders Josh (@joshahowarth), Kyle (@kyle_byers) and I will be around all day to listen to any ideas and feedback you might have. Thanks!
Awesome work @backlinko, @joshahowarth & @kyle_byers! I’m glad to see ET growing and offering new opportunities to people. I was wondering: are you planning to showcase products related to trends in the future? Example: On the “Laptop stand” page, you could suggest a selection of popular products on the market (my favorite) or
@yesnoornext Hey Vincent - thanks for the support, going all the way back to the very beginning! 😊🙌 That's a great idea about the "suggest a selection of popular products on the market". Definitely worth considering. And I absolutely need to get a Roost stand myself 😛👌
@backlinko @joshahowarth @yesnoornext Thanks, Vincent! And nice idea. We don't have plans to showcase related products that way. But never say never :).
I love this product. Fascinating view into new trends, especially with all the uncertainty in our world right now.
@lukethomas14 Cheers Luke - very glad you like it. And absolutely, there's a lot of opportunity with this uncertainty right now. So hopefully we can help you find it :)
@lukethomas14 Thanks Luke. I appreciate that. For sure: this is (by far) the time with the biggest change in search patterns we've ever seen. That's why we wanted to highlight some of the topics that look to have long-term staying power.
Very interesting as always!!
@sandochee Thank you 👍👍👍
@sandochee Cheers Sandoche 🙌
Really interesting to see what’s the next big thing to come. Thank you for putting together these trend views! So helpful.
@scott_do 💯% Scott! And of course, very glad you like it 👍
@scott_do Thanks Scott