The new way to buy and sell fashion

Joules Kowalski
  • Joules Kowalski
    Joules KowalskiI'm making science fiction into reality.

    * Can get awesome stuff for very low prices

    * Can ask sellers specific questions (e.g. measurements)

    * Easy to search (e.g. brand, color)


    * Shipping is $6.49 and seller fee is at least $2.95, so it's not a good place to buy anything that would normally be less than $10

    This app has been a life-saver for me in building my wardrobe. I often have trouble finding clothes that fit, and I love that I can ask the sellers for the real measurements of the clothes they're selling. The community seems to be really great, too. I feel constantly pleasantly surprised by how helpful everyone is.

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Preet@preetnation · BlueLight, also enjoy QS and Parkour
I'm amazed how few people have upvoted this considering it's amazing popularity. Can some customers (I suspect it will be mostly women) talk about the magic of the service?
Nina Wei
Nina WeiHiring@weizhuxiaona · Product, AI, HCI, Psychology
Have tried a bunch of similar apps... Fun at the first time, but didnt work really well.