A simple web app for character posing

#4 Product of the DayApril 21, 2020
Great illustrations start with Pose! Design a character exactly the way you want it and follow the guidelines to bring it to life with any drawing app.
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Hey PH!I’m surprised and excited to have Pose featured today, thank you @yellingbytes! 😱I’m an illustrator and even though I draw for years, I’ve always struggled with character illustration. So I wanted to create a simple tool that would help people like me with illustrating 2D characters. 🕺 I created Pose so everyone can easily design a character exactly the way they want it. Then they can take the guidelines into any drawing app and paint them to bring their character to life. Pose is a light web app that works in your browser, you can access it from your computer/tablet, and I believe it would make your life easier when it comes to character illustration. I’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have, looking forward to seeing the illustrations you make! Post it on social media and tag me (@thegalshir) and #madewithpose. ✍️ Gal
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Looks really cool! Why did you decide to build it as a web app and not a native app?
@galklieger Good question! 👍 1. I wanted Pose to be a light-weight tool that can be accessed from any device. 2. Web apps are easier to maintain and to update with new features regularly. 3. I’m a web developer so I knew I could do my best in an environment I have experience with.
@galklieger @galgalshir Web Designer has a genius drawing skill. You’re also a genius Gal.
@galklieger considering this is a paid resource/tool, I'd appreciate having the option to use it completely offline. Paying for something and then not having access to it when you need it sucks... Or is Pose a PWA, meaning it can be used offline? 🤔
Awesome idea. I think i can throw the IKEA wood puppy from now on.
Thank you @yellingbytes! Haha yea I also have that one 😂
@galgalshir I use it today and it works well. I wish to have fingers, animal may be the next step etc.
Nice idea and fantastic work 🚀
Thank you very much @sonnylazuardi 🙏
Congrats! Where did you get this idea from? The execution is wonderful
Thanks @gad_bornstein! The idea actually came from the design world. If UX designers create wireframes at first, why illustrators don't start with guiding wireframes as well? 🙂 Although sketching is a common step in the process, it's usually harder, more challenging, and takes a longer time than the drawing process itself. So I started brainstorming a way to make that step easier so more people could start to illustrate simple characters. I tested and prototyped different ideas until I realized that building an interactive wire-puppet could be the right solution.