A no-code tool for creating sites using Airtable

Pory.io is a no-code tool for creating websites using Airtable as a database. Using our collection of templates, you can create sites like marketplaces, social networks, lists and more!
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Hi Product Hunters! My partner in crime and I have jumped onto the no-code bandwagon and built this tool for creating sites using Airtable. It's great for marketers looking to share lists to build audiences or for makers looking to quickly validate ideas. The initial launch will include templates to some of the most popular websites including: 1. A template like Product Hunt for creating discovery sites. 2. A template like Indeed for creating job boards. 3. A template like Fiverr for offering services. 4. A template like Instagram for sharing images. 5. A template like Meetup for sharing events. 6. A template like LinkedIn for networking. What's next for us is integrations, integrations and more integrations! From marketing and analytics, through to payments and beyond. We truly hope you enjoy using pory.io as much as we did building it! ✌️
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🎉Congratulations Samantha! This is huge for the no code space, helping folks use Airtable to a new potenital! 😊
@nayamoss Thanks Naya for your support and taking the time to document your experiences using our product. Will iron things out and let you know when it's ready! 🙏
Hi Samantha, I hate to see *Sign up with Google/Facebook* only options particularly when the product has nothing to do with these products or apps. Do you plan to roll out sign up with an email?
Hi @vingar, thanks for letting me know. I'm not particularly proud about our current auth state as well. We're actually migrating as I speak which will offer more options and a better user experience by this week. Thanks for trying Pory 🙏
@vingar We support sign up with email now 🎉
Hey Samantha! I love this Idea!
Really like the idea! The free version doesnt work that well unfortunately! I tried to use one of the templates with an existing airtable sheet but I guess the data is not in the right format.. at least the whole template does not contain any of my information after...
@robin_nessensohn thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, you will need to paste your data into the fields already defined in the template for the site to work. So far, we've kept the fields generic e.g. title, subtitle, description. Does this not map well with your existing Airtable base?
@shooting_unicorns I am a bit confused on how I can paste my data into the template. Also I couldn't really find a template fitting for my needs so I just took the producthunt one but e.g. I don't need upvote buttons etc.