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Video platform with peer-to-peer micropayments. No ads ever.

Portal is a new video sharing platform that skips the ad-model and introduces instant payments between users.

On Portal everyone can create their own mini-Netflix / HBO around the content they create, and watch the best user-generated videos unburdened by ads and algorithms.

No ads. Just people. The Internet, the way it’s supposed to be.

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Hey Product Hunt, We built Portal so publishers and content creators can be rewarded for the value they create, not the seconds of attention they capture. So you can experience a platform made to to enrich your life, not one designed to sell your time and data to manipulative third parties. Portal is the first video & audio sharing platform powered entirely by people. • No ads. • No secret algorithm. • No selling your data. • Share video & audio of any length. (Vertical & horizontal). • Tip the creator of any video you're watching. • Optionally add a price to what you upload. Charge $0.01 to $100. Or keep it free. • Chronological feed. • Humane, ethically-grounded technology. 2019 is the year we take back the Internet from ads. Jump into Portal today. Search “Portal Video” in the AppStore.
Liam McKay
Co-Founder & Designer of Yummit
@jonathan_swerdlin All sounds and looks great! Any plans to bring this to the web too? Or will it stay as a mobile experience?
Rich Peterson
Useful, meaningful & profitable projects
@jonathan_swerdlin @liammckay It will be a game changer on desktop when compared to competitors.
@liammckay Thanks Liam! Portal on the web currently allows for: upload, cash-out, links, embeds, settings, and video library. We are working quickly to achieve parity among iOS, web and Android.
Antonin MarchardFullstack developer
@liammckay @jonathan_swerdlin Can't wait to see Android version ! Portal is a great idea
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I love the idea of creating a platform to support creators financially but creators will only go where viewers are. How do you solve that chicken and egg challenge, @jonathan_swerdlin?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Let’s unpack this. Here’s a snapshot of 2019— 1. Creators and publishers are sick of the ad-model and its radioactive implications (e.g. algorithms, censorship, poor incentives). Many are broke. They need a new way forward to survive financially and spiritually. 2. People are increasingly conscious about what they consume in their lives, including digital content. They’re hungry for tech and media they can trust, and have gotten used to paying for content they value (e.g. HBO, Masterclass). 3. Payments on mobile are fluid and familiar for everyone. Payments-on-platform exploding in gaming and across Asia. Enter Portal— skipping the ad-model and introducing lightweight payments between users. Creators and publishers are emboldened to finally be rewarded for the value they create, and some have begun shuttling existing audiences to Portal. In many cases, they create exclusive paid content from $0.02 (e.g. The Young Turks news videos) to $20 (e.g Miki Agrawal’s entrepreneurship step-by-step). Meanwhile, discerning audiences are energized by the depth and quality of the content they find on Portal. We repeatedly hear people find it hard to go backward to platforms riddled with ads and controlled by algorithms. Portal solves the chicken and egg problem by solving pressing problems for creators of all sizes and delivering trust that viewers are not getting elsewhere. It’s a place and idea worth sharing.
Fantastic product. It is refreshing to be able to consume high quality content in an ad free environment. I love what the Portal team has done to date and I look forward to watching them disrupt the industry!!
Matthew WernerAvid video watcher
I think this product brings out the very best in our content makers and our consumers. Excited to see it become the go to platform in the content making industry!
It is very obvious the care and time that was put into testing to be so ready at launch with a sleek design and user friendly interface. The initial content is unique and interesting. A refreshing outlet for social media. Loving it so far and looking forward to see it grow over future iterations
Diane WernerMarketing/advertising

Finally, a platform that makes me feel like the internet is supposed to make me feel—connected and enriched, as opposed to spied. On and used


High caliber content and no ads


None that I have found