Ephemeral coffee shops in nearby homes ☕

Popup lets you host a coffee shop from your home. Create a pin on the map with information about your popup. Browse the map for homes near you, and visit them for coffee or co-working!

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Hey everybody, This is a fun little project I did in the fall. It lets you host a spontaneous coffee meetup from wherever you want. For remote employees, freelancers, or anyone who works from home, the day can get lonely because there aren't co-workers around. I built Popup to give these people a chance to have a fun social break in their day. Other users in the app can "subscribe" to your Popup, and if they do, they'll get a push notification every time you open. You get to control the message that goes in the push so you can tell people what's going on. There's messaging in the app to coordinate as well! Feel free to host a Popup from your startup's office, your apartment, or even at a coffee shop nearby. Hope you have fun with it.
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@john_c_palmer This is a cool idea! ☕️Reminds me of what Sofar Sounds did for concerts.
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@john_c_palmer funny I was thinking about something like this a couple days ago. I love that it's up and people are using it.
Yesssssss! I've always wanted to make/use something this; I'm glad you did, @john_c_palmer.
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Love this! So down to join some sessions.
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Great idea, I like it a lot. Simple to use and a you can make a popup, without having it be open right away.
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As a student I have found this useful when studying, and I think people who work professionally from home find it just as useful. Great way to meet new people in an environment where everyone is working on something.


Alleviates isolation that can come from working from home on projects


Perhaps more localized focus on specific neighbourhoods where people are working

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