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Well this was unexpected. We were actually planning on staying low key until we released 1.1 but I'm not complaining. We'd love to hear what people think of the app.
Pretty strong claim, what makes you think it's something people want? Have you tried asking your friends if they want "the fastest messaging app in the world"?
@robinraszka Hi Robin. Yep, asked them and they said YES!
@robinraszka I never realised any of my messenger apps were slow? I use pretty much all of them (facebook, wechat, kaokao, whatsapp) to keep in touch with friends I've during my travels. But none of those listed felt slow? Can someone help me understand what "fast" means?
@johnnyquachy Hi Johnny. The message apps you listed are s l o w . Haven't you noticed? You receive a message and it just sits there on your screen. It'll sit there forever unless you get rid of it. That's slow in our books. Populr's messages don't do that. The flash up on your screen so damn fast that you better be paying attention. FAST.
@simonhelyar By "screen" you mean lock screen?
@robinraszka No, within the app.
How are contacts managed? Are you sitting on top of a specific social network or does Populr have it's own network?
@jwarzech Currently it's built on our own register/login network
Hmm...if it flashes faster than I can read/understand it, am I out of luck?
@hello_benhere I'm afraid so Ben. I'm afraid so.