Better communication, one page at a time.

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Populr, Strikingly, and Onepager all do basically the same thing, but they're each taking a different approach.
@OsmnShkh - I've played with several of these. How is Populr different?
@rrhoover I think they're betting on the communication aspect. They recently introduced a new feature where you can follow a page and receive an email when it's updated. Populr also has a private page feature where pages can be password protected. One use case for this would be HR onboarding, sales proposals etc. I'll see if one of the founders is up for a Q&A.
@rrhoover There is a major trend underway to simplify web publishing. The others mentioned are focused on an easier approach to building a website... But what if there was a whole world beyond "websites". Our communication needs are evolving beyond email or office docs (word/PDF/etc). We're trying to make it easy for anyone to use single web pages to share information. Here are a bunch of templates to better illustrate (things you wouldn't do on striking.ly, onepager, smore, etc): http://inspiration.populr.me make sense?
@tjmahony I met Nicholas Holland when they got started... Great team personality behind this company and hungry guys. I'm a fan