POP Team

Custom-made team portraits. Goodbye boring office.

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Nice work, @arturmakly. This appears like an extension of JuicyCanvas. Where'd the idea to focus specifically on this style for the entrepreneurial audience, come from? I'd also suggest exploring ArtCorgi if you want to commission art in a variety of styles.
thanks Ryan for asking.. there's actually a story here: like most ideas.. this one came up COMPLETELY by accident. It all started when I randomly reconnected to my ex-girlfriend on skype.. ( she will rename nameless to protect her future offspring ) And she happened to mention that she was put in charge of 'office decor' ..but she simply didnt know where to start ( she had great taste herself ) but since there were 20+ people to please ..there was a LOT of pressure and the chances that she alone would pick out something that everyone would love ..was a tall order. So that's when i thought this would be a great NEW type of use-case for http://JuicyCanvas.com ( which was originally intended for a younger audience 16-28 ) The idea i pitched to her was to make a fun post-work event out of it ( fueled by beers and music ) . Just have everyone select their own fav artwork from our curated collection and then REMIX it with their touch : https://vimeo.com/juicycanvas/re... She loved the idea.. but then we hit a tiny technical snag that ( at the time ) would not allow each person to effortlessly save their remixes to their own galleries. ☞ Funny enough.. before this was never a major issue with our current set of first-adopters ( young puppies who had oodles of 'fault-tolerance' ) But this particular group was in the middle of a few major deadlines..and well they had 0 tolerance for 1/2 ass MVP shit. Well that left her to basically remix 20+ artworks herself...which was not cool since she already had her own set of client deadlines. I was crushed. I was really taken back by their 0 tolerance..and i didnt want to walk away from this huge opportunity ( after all this would become one of our biggest 1-time checkouts ) I told her i would get back to her in 1 day with something..( deep down i didn’t just want to just Remix it for them .. since that essentially misses the whole point of ‘personalization’. ) But i knew there had to be another path to their particular state-of mind and scenario. Coincidentally during that evening, i came across a very interesting documentary on Andy Warhol:
and that’s when the light went off.. Custom-Made one-of-a-kind PORTRAITS! My basketball coach used to say “There is no ‘ i ‘ in T-E-A-M” and this was the perfect case. As i thought about it more and more it became the perfect solution for them. 1. they had no time. 2. varied and clashing personal tastes. 3. a creative execution that perfectly fits ANY existing decor. 4. a powerful gesture made by their CEO that demonstrates his affection. 5. a clear reminder to everyone what makes their startup…kick-ass. The process took literally 6min for her to line everyone up and snap a few shots. http://popteam.io/our-process/ ..and in 7 days they got their gems. My hope here is that PopTeam will become a seed that infects everyone beyond the office walls.. and into people’s personal lives via http://JuicyCanvas.com Changing consumption behaviors overnight aint easy ;-) Baby steps. fyi here's the our story behind JuicyCanvas :
*Also very happy to offer PH peeps 25% off! use PH-25off ( exp Apr 1 ) + FreeShipping
Very cool Artur. Was wondering if you would consider selling digital versions at a lower price that could be used for team bios on a startup's website? I know there are lots of DIY tools, but this way a super early stage startup (like us, still working out of one small room) can get the professional POPteam look to use on the only "walls" they have today- their website! ;-)
@kartikparija yes for sure! what would you like to pay for that?