Dog activity tracker and wellbeing management app

Sleek, small and waterproof, our activity tracker was created with dogs in mind. Just clip it to your dog’s existing collar, sync with the app and start tracking your dog's activity.

Download our app for free and get personalised recommendations for your dog’s diet, weight and exercise around the clock. Battery lasts 6 months and no recurring fee.

Hatim Siyawala
Ravi Sharma
Jenny Judova
 +8 reviews
  • Hanyan

    Very helpful to get to know your dog


    May need to have more functions

    Help dogs to keep fit

    Hanyan has used this product for one month.
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Doug Hunter
Doug Hunter@hunterdoug · Account Manager at CEWComms
Amazing stuff, have you found it difficult / what differences are there with the stats for different dogs and the likes? Have always wondered on these things.