Poo-vorite Chrome Extension

Turn those Twitter πŸ’•'s in to πŸ’©'s

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This is a crappy idea!!
+ πŸ’© Shitty job guys! Real shitty. (but seriously, this is awesome!)
I πŸ’© this.
A few days ago, @reedkavner launched Favs Forever, a Chrome Extension that replaces the new Twitter hearts with the OG stars. Today, @phogan brings us the next evolution of favoriting/liking. Happy πŸ’©-ing. How to install: 1. Download the .crx file here 2. Navigate to your Chrome Extension menu 3. Drag and drop the .crx file in the window 4. Visit twitter.com 5. Enjoy
@rrhoover Yes! I was waiting for this one. +πŸ’©