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A simple but effective pomodoro timer, that let’s you focus on your tasks without ads or interruptions
Statistics will be available soon, so stay tuned!
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If anyone is interested: the project is fully open source, you can inspect, improve, make pull-requests on Github https://github.com/christian-fei...
I tried pomodoro concept few years back. I should try again. Is it possible to set custom time range? I'd like to set it to 30 min.
I didn't make this customizable, so that you have to follow the suggestions of the pomodoro technique @arunoda
I like this.
+1 another Pomodoro fan myself! Do you have plans to release a browser extension? Integration with Trello for example, would be fantastic. The major issue I've found with current ones is their accessibility.
@aleyda This feature is in pipeline for a long time. I have to think about it, because I don't want the app to do lots of things, i want to keep it simple and do one thing well. But I'll think about it :)
@aleyda A browser extension could be a nice feature to add to the next releases
Recently I added https://pomodoro.cc/public which makes it easier/less exhausting to pair program remotely