Pomodoro by Feather

Minimalist pomodoro timer to help you stay productive

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I was looking for something that is totally minimalist. Think I finally found it.
@novica93 Very glad to hear that you like it! I hope it serves you well ๐Ÿธ
Hi Greg, I would put a feature to turn off all Chrome's notifications. Cheers :)
@gabrielesedda Hey Gabriele! I haven't written anything to utilise Chromes push notification features. What exactly is happening? I'll try to recreate it and then disable it as that could definitely get annoying!
@gregjwww FYI, the more times you hit start, the faster it counts. It would be nice to have break periods, or automatic restarts on the pomodoros, too.
@hellosmoore Thanks Shannon! We'll add breaks as soon as we can. Automatic restarts might be troublesome though as you're meant to take that little break.
why does it skip by 2 seconds? ๐Ÿค”
@nivo0o0 Hi Niv, that is interesting, can't recreate it. What browser/OS are you using? My attempt: https://gyazo.com/b993f7189fcd94...
@gregjwww It's a software bug, clicking START multiple times creates multiple setInterval() function calls (having multiple setInterval() running would decrement the clock's time more than once every second)